Paris, France

Since it’s the month of all things romance, I thought I would share my experience in one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris! I fell in love with “The City of Lights” the minute I arrived. I could not help but to marvel in the beauty of all the Haussmann style buildings with their noble balconies. Simply charming! We stayed on the right bank in the 8th…

London, England

I have always had an obsession with the British starting at an early age. Growing up in the 80’s and even now the Royal Family has always been so fascinating to me. Not only am I obsessed with the Royals but growing up on classic rock, I’m amazed to think of all the famous musicians that are from England: The Rolling Stone’s, Beatles, Elton John, Pink Floyd, I could go…

Venice, Italy

    Venice is one of the most interesting places I have ever been. What a unique experience staying on this island. I’m truly amazed at not only how beautiful the island is but how the locals function day to day living on the island. It is so interesting seeing how goods are shipped in daily and packages are hand delivered on foot vs trucks here in the US. My…
Mykonos Greece

Mykonos, Greece

The pictures speak for themselves, don't they? I have always wanted to visit Mykonos ever since I was a young girl. One of my best friends has family in Greece. Growing up she would go to Greece every summer, each time she would come back with stories to tell. The way she would describe the local style, the nightlife, the beautiful beaches and the clear blue water I knew it…