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Winter Blues – Blue Pleated Skirt

I’ve got the winter blues, haha, just kidding! It seems lately that I’m crazy for all shades of blue this winter, from when I posted this powder blue sweater here to this cobalt blue pleated skirt here. I recently wore this pleated skirt to one of my girlfriend's gender reveal party. I was team blue but it turns out that it was a girl! Speaking of powder blue, did you watch the…
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Pink Pleated Skirt

It’s official, I stole Carrie Bradshaw’s skirt! Well, I did not really steal her skirt, but I could totally picture Carrie feverishly running down the streets of New York in this pink pleated skirt, late for her dinner date with Big after an appointment that ran over with Vogue! This is exactly how I felt while prancing down the streets of Dallas freezing my buns off while taking photos in…
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Style Tips For A Pleated Midi Skirt

If you have not noticed, pleated chiffon midi skirts are all the rage this season. If you're  like me, you probably thought these skirts were just for the spring and summer. Well, I’m here to tell you that they are here for the fall as well. If you're wondering how you can style your favorite pleated chiffon midi skirt, I’ve put together a list of ideas for you: Wear it…
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The Kind Of Skirt That Makes You Want To Twirl

Have you seen the infamous movie, Scarface?! Well, I became obsessed with this movie while in college, we would watch it on repeat with our BFB - best fraternity brothers. Anyway, so do you remember in the scene where Michelle Phiffer was walking out of the elevator and into the living room in that plunging neckline pleated chiffon dress?! Oh my, I fell in love with that look! This is…