Lemon Inspired Tablescape

Summertime is here and when I think I summer, I think of vacationing along the Amalfi Coast as mentioned previously in this post here. If you have ever had the chance to visit the Amalfi coast in Italy, you know they are known for their lemons. From Positano to Sorrento, you will see huge lemons hanging on lemon trees everywhere.  Not only are they on trees, but they are also…
Freshly Squeezed | Orange Slice Top | The Darling Petite Diva

Freshly Squeezed Summer Top

Thank goodness we made it to Friday folks! Well, I have previously discussed with you all (here and here) my obsession for lemons. Now the fruit obsession continues with this freshly squeezed orange sliced blouse. To me the colors of this blouse being vibrant orange and blue with the orange slices give this top a hint of summer. This billowy blouse is perfect to throw on during those warm summer…

Summertime Stroll + Lemon Print

Have you noticed the lemon print trend popping up everywhere?! I have been obsessed with the latest lemon print trend (posted here) as it reminds me of a trip that I took to Positano, Italy and along the Amalfi Coast. This area is known not only for their amazing views, incredible food, but their incredibly large lemons and lemon trees. You will find them everywhere. While strolling along the side…
For The Love Of Lemons - Citrus Shorts | The Darling Petite Diva | Nicole Kirk

For The Love Of Lemons – Citrus Shorts

Shop The Look I have to tell you that my love for lemons started four years ago on a trip to Positano, Italy. If you have ever had a chance to visit the Almalfi Coast, you know exactly what I’m talking about when I say that there are lemon trees everywhere.  The lemons in Italy are by far the largest that I have ever seen. The local decor incorporates lemons…