Packing For The Mediterranean

I’m so ecstatic!! Today I will be boarding a flight bound for Rome! I can not wait to be able to tour Rome, Florence and Nice again! You can bet that I will be back at the Trevi Fountain making another wish to return there again! After spending a few days in Rome, I will be continuing on a Mediterranean cruise with stops throughout Italy, France, and Spain. With any…

Rome, Italy: Easter With The Pope!

With Easter upon us, I must share one of my most memorable trips to Rome. Easter with the Pope!!! We took the overnight flight and landed in Italy on Easter Sunday morning! Once we arrived at our hotel, the St. Regis, we quickly freshened up and got ready to see the Pope! We took a cab and got as close as we possibly could, as many of the streets were…

Venice, Italy

    Venice is one of the most interesting places I have ever been. What a unique experience staying on this island. I’m truly amazed at not only how beautiful the island is but how the locals function day to day living on the island. It is so interesting seeing how goods are shipped in daily and packages are hand delivered on foot vs trucks here in the US. My…