Cargo Jacket

Embellished Cargo Jacket

Happy Friday!! I’m so looking forward to having another long weekend. The holiday season really took it out of me and I feel like I can finally get caught up on all my errands (hopefully) this weekend! Lately I’ve been having the great debate, where to go on my first vacation of the new year. I really contemplated going to Salt Lake City during Sundance Film Festival. I was picturing…
The Darling Petite Diva

Falling For Fringe

I know you all have probably caught on to how excited I am about Fall finally being here in Dallas! And I’m totally falling for fringe as in this super cute fringe vest I found while online shopping! So, as you all know last weekend was the big Texas / OU Red River Rivalry game  in Dallas. While I wish I could have gone to the game, I ended up watching…
Plunging Neckline Romper

Plunging Neckline Romper

Happy Monday folks! It has been such a busy weekend working on the blog! Well not only has it been a busy weekend, it was a busy week filled with shopping! Thankfully, I survived the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It seemed like each day I found something else that “I cannot live without.” It’s really getting out of hand, lol! Lately, it seems that I can not get enough of anything with stripes. I…
Currently Obsessed

The Bucket Bag

Guess what trend from the 90’s has made a come back?! The Bucket Bag! Do you remember the bucket bag? I can remember my first bucket bag like it was yesterday, it was a navy blue Dooney & Bourke with a tan cross body strap. I just thought that I was so cool not only because I had a bucket bag but because it was a Dooney & Bourke. Now that I’m…
Oh So Cochella

Oh So Coachella!

Rompers Photos By: Tara DiLeva Tamer @tara_tamer_photography Welcome to Coachella Weekend! I’ve never been to Coachella but I can only imagine what outfits I would put together for this festive outdoor concert. Perhaps one day I will be so privileged to go! Could you imagine what it would be like?!?! When I think of Coachella I think of Woodstock meets modern day hipster, which is why this romper would be…
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