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Christmas Gift Ideas

One // Two // Three // Four // Five // Six // Seven // Eight // Nine // Ten // Eleven // Twelve // Thirteen // Fourteen // Fifiteen   Can you believe that Christmas is less than five days away?! I like to think of myself as being very orderly but between holiday parties and girls gift exchanges during the Christmas season, I just lose track! If you’re looking…
I heart Christmas

I Heart Christmas

Y’all can you believe that this is the final countdown to Christmas?! It’s so hard to believe that in one week we will all be celebrating Christmas. Time has flown by so quickly, I was just telling my husband how sad I will be when Christmas is over. Christmas is my favorite time of the year! I’m absolutely crazy for all the festive lights, trees and music! If you saw…
Favorite Christmas Pajamas Pick's | The Darling Petite Diva

Favorite Christmas Pajamas Pick’s

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas! It’s no secret that Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love decking out my home and getting into the holiday spirit. This goes for my holiday pajamas as well! Each year I pick out a new pair of Christmas pajamas. What could be more fun than sitting by the fire watching Home Alone on repeat in your Christmas pajamas right?! Shop…
MacKenzie-Childs Christmas Tablescapes | The Darling Petite Diva

MacKenzie-Childs Christmas Tablescapes

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas! This is by far my favorite holiday and you can bet that I go all out when it comes to decorating for the season. I mentioned previously in this post (here) that my MacKenzie-Childs collection started with my mother-in-law gifting me a piece each year for Christmas. Soon it became our tradition where we ended up gifting one another MacKenzie-Childs! This…

Christmas Outfit Inspiration

Christmas will be here in just two days!! I know... it’s hard to believe that Christmas is here. I feel like it was just Thanksgiving, I blinked and it was Christmas! I'm looking forward to celebrating the holiday with my family this entire weekend. My in-law's are having a big celebration on Saturday and my parents will be here to celebrate Christmas with us on Sunday. Since the holidays can…