Spring Cleaning Shoe Orgaization

Spring Cleaning: Shoe Organization

Before Photos:

before 2-minShoe Organization


After Photos:

Spring Cleaning Shoe Orgaization

After Closet 2-min


I recently returned from a week long Caribbean cruise. After unpacking and looking at my closet, I said to myself, this closet looks like a hurricane has hit it! I HAVE to do some Spring cleaning and get organized. UGHHH.

While some people might think my “before” closet photos appear organized, to me my shoes looked like a chaotic mess. I had shoes that I have been hanging onto that I have not worn in years. I had shoes that were just simply worn out and tired, that I would NEVER wear again. I had to get rid of the old shoes to make way for the new SHOES!

I was most excited to organize my shoes by color creating order from colorful to black. I then arranged each pair by by showing both the heel and the toe. It’s important to be able to see both sides of the shoe. What a difference it makes by spacing your shoes out! It also makes it so much more esthetically pleasing!

I feel so accomplished getting my shoes organized and ready for the new Spring season. While it took several hours over a 2 day period to clean up and organize, I’m glad at least that part of my closet is organized.

Now I must do the same with my clothes… YIKES!!!