Saint Petersburg, Russia Part 2



Continuing on from my post last Wednesday, today’s post will be all about the stunning Palaces we visited just outside of Saint Petersburg.


DSC_0264-minWe started our second day of touring bright and early driving outside of the city to a town called Pushkin. This town is home to the opulent Catherine’s Palace, also known as the Summer Palace. Peter The Great built what once was a modest two story building for his wife Catherine. However, it was their daughter Elizabeth that commissioned the palace to be built to replace her mother’s house. So it is Elizabeth I that brought in the rich grandeur style. Sadly Elizabeth died prior to the Palace being completed. It was Elizabeth’s daughter Catherine II who lived there and this became her favorite summer residence.

My favorite room was Great Hall, it was filled with innate gold detailing.This room is known for the grand parties and balls because of it’s vast feel due to all the windows on both sides. We continued on touring the Palace.. I was shocked to hear that it holds over 30 dining rooms- that’s a lot of dishes! Another impressive room, The Amber Room, where the name speaks for itself as all the walls are covered with amber pieces. There was also rooms with porcelain columns and silk wall coverings. The Palace was so over the top it’s hard to believe that Catherine lived so lavishly back then.20160508_011111-1-min




We finished out our tour of Catherine’s Palace strolling through the beautiful gardens which were just as amazing.







After a traditional Russian lunch we drove to tour Peterhof Palace and Gardens. Peterhof was built for Peter The Great.


DSC_0330-minThis palace and gardens are know for being the “Versailles of Russia.” Having been to both I have to say that the fountains and gardens seem much more impressive than that of Versailles. However both are so lavish and impressive, it’s so hard to choose one over the other. At Peterhof there are over 64 fountains and hundreds of statues throughout the garden. The main attraction though is the Grand Cascade, which is just so visually stunning. I could have sat at a park table with a glass of wine and just admired every single detail of this work of art.













DSC_0408-minIt was such a delight being able to tour both Palaces so rich in grandeur. Russia is a place that you must see and experience for yourself!DSC_0324-min


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  1. Saundra Greenough

    You lead such a wonderful life.Look forward to your updating

  2. Lauren McLean

    Loved reading this post!! My fiance and I visited St. Petersburg in July and LOVED it! It looks like you actually got much better weather than we did, it was pretty chilly and rainy when we went. I had the same thought as you – it’s just crazy to think how much lavish luxury people lived in so many years ago! In today’s world there is just nothing like it.

    We also went to some of the other places you recapped – and the recaps of all of the places we visited are recapped on my blog as well! You have a great voice through your writing : )

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