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Patchwork Skirt

Nicole Kirk - Dallas Fashion Blogger - Patch trend
I’m in stitches… well not really!
I’m loving all the new fall patchwork trends. It seems like lately I’m seeing all these cute patches on anything from skirts, jeans to jackets. I must admit that I love it..It’s such a 90’s throw back but even better then before. So that’s why when I found this patchwork skirt from Chicwish I ordered it instantly!
This patchwork look takes me back to when I was in Jr.High School. I used to have a denim Hard Rock Cafe patchwork jacket that I wore ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE. It did not matter what the weather was, it could be 100 degrees outside and I would have that jacket with me. Those were the “grunge” days though, when I listened to Nirvana on repeat, lol!
Since this trend has made a major come back, this fun patchwork skirt can be worn now with your favorite white tee or even into the fall with a denim button down or fitted turtleneck.
And for those of you all that are not totally on board with the patchwork trend, I found these pin on brooches that you can take on or off if you are over this trend! This also is a new look to using the brooches as opposed to wearing the patches!!

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Happy patching or shopping!
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Patch skirt
Patch kiss me bud skirt - Dallas Blog - Nicole KIrk
Kiss Me Patch Skirt- Nicole Kirk - Blogger
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Dallas Fashion Blogger - Patch Skirt
Patchwork Skirt
Chicwish - Kiss Me Patch Skirt- Fashion Blog
Patchwork Skirt - Chicwish- Nicole KIrk
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