New Year’s Resolutions 2016

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Photos By: Tara Di Leva Tamer @tara_tamer_photography

Happy 2016 New Year!!

Although I typically do not stick to my New Year’s resolutions, it’s still fun writing them down and attempt to stick to the plan, right?! I have put together a list of my top 5 New Year’s resolutions for 2016. It does seem though that I pick the same New Year’s resolutions over and over again!

Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions:

1.Work Out More: I ALWAYS include this one! My goal is always to work out more. I would like to consistently work out 5 days a week and incorporate work out classes. I’m a member of The Four Seasons Sports Club but for some reason, it’s so hard to make it to the classes. This year I plan on making a better effort to get to class, even if it’s before the sunrises! No pain, no gain, right?!
2. Better Diet: This would be the other RESOLUTION that is on the list EVERY SINGLE YEAR! It’s so hard to eat good when you’re surrounded by so many amazing restaurants here in the Dallas Metroplex. Living in Texas, I can say we have, hands down, the best Mexican food. I could eat Mexican food every single day. Who can resist queso and tacos? I can’t! But I will make an effort to cut down!
3. Drink Less Wine: Ha! That was a good one, but I will try! Everything in moderation right?!
4. Read More: I would love to put more time aside to read more books. One of my favorite things to do is go online to Amazon and order books by the truck load. I always say that I’m going to read more but sometimes it seems impossible and life takes over!
5. Travel More: My MOST favorite resolution. I love nothing more than to travel and see what the world has to offer. I feel that travel opens up your eyes to other cultures. With travel, you get that first hand educational experience that’s more than just reading in a book. Do you have a travel bucket list? You should see my travel list; it’s so long! I’m hoping to get a trip on the books soon!

These are just a few of my many resolutions…What are your resolutions?

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