Mykonos Greece

Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos Greece

Mykonos Greece Sea

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Mykonos Greece

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Mykonos Greece

The pictures speak for themselves, don’t they? I have always wanted to visit Mykonos ever since I was a young girl. One of my best friends has family in Greece. Growing up she would go to Greece every summer, each time she would come back with stories to tell. The way she would describe the local style, the nightlife, the beautiful beaches and the clear blue water I knew it was a place I had to go.

Mykonos is simply breathtaking, I would spend weeks here if I could. I love the rows of white washed homes and buildings with vibrant turquoise roof tops, the smell of fresh baked bread in the air and the most friendly, welcoming people I have ever met.

One of my favorite places on the Island to see is an area they call “Little Venice” located right on the water. We sat and had a traditional Greek style lunch with the water crashing next to us, it was simply perfect!

I highly recommend visiting Mykonos, I’m looking forward to the day I can go back to visit!