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Kylie Lipkit in Kourt K


Kylie Lipkit

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Kylie Lipkit Kourt K

Photos By: Megan Gonzalez

Happy Monday! I have some exciting news to share with you all, LOL! I was finally able to order another color from Kylie’s Lipkit. I must say that this girl knows how to market and keep people wanting more!

My sister called me a few weeks ago and said “I think Kylie’s about to release another color.” I said how do you know? To which Megan said, “her Instagram page is going crazy with people talking about it.” So, after pouring over all these Instagram posts one of the girls had given a breakdown per time zone as to when Kylie would be releasing a new color. I set my timer on my phone and had my computer prepped and ready for the release time at 5 PM and like clockwork a new color was released. I put the lip matte in my cart and proceeded to checkout as quickly as possible for fear of it being sold out by the time I typed in my credit card information. Finally success, an order confirmation appeared!

I received my order about a week later and I could not wait to try out this new color Kourt K. While still on the darker range of lip color that I’m use to, I like it much better than True Brown K. I can definitely see myself wearing this color more.

Overall I would say I’m thrilled with this product and color. As always, I will be waiting for the next release to see what I can score!

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