2 Piece Skirt Set | Summer Look | The Darling Petite Diva

2 Piece Skirt Set

Have you notices all of the cute two-piece skirts sets out lately?! I initially was hesitant to purchase one of these skirt sets because I'm not exactly "happy" with my midsection. However, what I like about this skirt set is the crop top is slightly longer giving you added coverage. With this particular skirt set, you will find minimal exposure to your midsection so you can actually walk around feeling comfortable…
Tennis Dress | Tennis Style

Tennis Dress

Tennis anyone?! Okay, I have a confession to make, I secretly have always wanted to play tennis just so I could wear all of the cute outfits. I love dressing up in all of the fun tennis skirts and dresses. While I'm not an active tennis player, I have taken several lessons. I hope someday to be good enough to play with my girlfriends! In the meantime, I will continue to buy…

Coachella Vibes

The Coachella music festival was just a month ago. I have always wanted to attend Coachella in Palm Springs. While I have not attended the music festival, I could only imagine what I would wear if I was there. I think this southwest inspired top would fit in perfectly with the desert backdrop!     Click The Shoppable Links Below Click The Shoppable Links Below  
Off the Shoulder Crepe Dress

Off the Shoulder Crepe Dress

After revealing my next travel adventure to Mexico in this blog post (here), I've been searching for fun dresses to bring on my trip.  This off the shoulder crepe dress is at the top of my list so far. What I like about this off the shoulder dress is that it is fun,  flirty, yet loose-fitting. This lightweight material and easy fit will be perfect to wear during the Summer heat!…
Off the Shoulder Ruffle Dress | The Darling Petite Diva

Off the Shoulder Ruffle Dress

Happy Wednesday! I'm so excited Y'all, I just booked my next travel adventure! In less than one month from now, I will be traveling to San Miguel, Mexico! I'm looking forward to experiencing all that this picturesque city has to offer. Looking at the photos I've seen online this city looks so charming with the multi-colored stucco buildings to the cobblestone-lined streets. Since I will be traveling to San Miguel, if you…