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My Birthday Wishlist

I can not believe that birthday will be here in just a few weeks. That means that soon I will be getting those phone calls and text messages from my friends and family asking “so what do you want for your birthday” to which I always respond “I don’t know, I don't really need anything.” So, this year I decided perhaps I will put a wish list together or better…
Nicole Kirk | Dallas Blogger

Oh Brandy, You’re a Fine Girl..

You know my favorite colors, brandy, merlot, burgundy, lol! Not only are these all good drinks they are also my go to fall colors! And why would you not want to wear this brandy colored, sleeveless turtleneck sweater dress right now here in Dallas?! As I mentioned previously, it’s finally starting to slightly cool down here. The key word in that sentence was slightly! Well, least it’s cool at night,…
Boho Chic + OTK's | Nicole Kirk

Boho Chic Dress + OTK’s

This is my favorite time of year here in Dallas. There is a slight chill in the weather and you can wear your favorite boho chic mini dress and OTK boots! I recently wore this outfit a couple of weekends ago to my traditional Friday night Mexican Food night! If you don’t know, every Friday night my husband and I have Mexican food date night. This particular weekend we went to…
Gingham Print Bell Sleeve Top | The Darling Petite Diva

Gingham Print Bell Sleeve Blouse

How excited are you that the weather is finally cooling down and you can wear your long sleeve clothes?! It has been absolutely beautiful out and I’ve been waiting for the perfect evening to wear this gingham print bell sleeve top. This past weekend we celebrated my sister’s birthday. We started the evening out at one of our local favorite asian inspired restaurants, Shinsei. Followed up by good people watching…
Distressed Sweater | Dallas Fashion Blogger

Distressed Sweater

Ok, I have to admit that when I initially saw all these tees and sweaters with the cut out slits, I was not on board with this trend. However, I then started to see this on the fashion runways and various magazines. I was like this is totally cool, we are bringing back grunge! I’ve mentioned before when I was younger, I was totally into grunge and all things Kurt…